Red, Blue and Gray Spiral Sweater


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If you have the desire to mix patterns but don’t know where to start, then this cardigan is for you! It features the base pattern of alternating red and blue spirals with red diamonds interspersed. The pockets are red checkered with kasuri triangles and the sash features a curvilinear pattern reminiscent of coral. By purchasing this 100% recycled cardigan instead of a fast fashion item, you will also help the environment and coral reefs around the world. The back patch combines these fabrics for a planet/cloud motif. Synthetic fabric. XS. PRO TIP: When mixing patterns, make sure at least one element such as color or shape is consistent.


Shoulder to shoulder: 29″

Chest (measured at armpit): 37″

Sleeve length: 21″

Shoulder to hem: 24″

Belt: 61.5″


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